The history of the Faculty extends to the establishment of a second Faculty of Medicine “Hacettepe Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences” as part of Ankara University, according to Act No. 337 enacted in September 26, 1963. The Vocational School of Basic Sciences which was established in 1965, constituted of Biology, Mathematics and Statistics Departments.

Hacettepe Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences was later transformed to Hacettepe University by Act No. 892 enacted on July 4, 1967 and the establishment of the science Faculty followed. According to a Hacettepe University Senate decree on January 1976, Department of Biology was divided into four departments: Botany, General Biology, Moleculer Biology and Zoology. In the course of time, with new developments, Biology, Statistics and Mathematics departments were also established within the context of the Act No. 2547 of Organization for higher Education.

In 1992, the Chemistry Department of the Faculty of Engineering was transfered to Science Faculty which was followed by the establishment of new main branches of Ecology, Biotechnology and Applied Biology in addition to the former five branches. In 1994, Theoretical Chemistry and Polymer Chemistry main branches were established within the Chemistry Department. In the same year, Probability Theory and Processes, Risk Analyses and Statistical Information Systems main branches were also established within the Department of Statistics. In 2002, Actuarial Science Department was established which held the main branch of Actuarial Sciences.

Hacettepe University Science Faculty
 06800 Beytepe Ankara, TURKEY